Specialty Swimming Programs

Swim Safer

The last week of every term is designated as “Swim Safer” week.

The focus of all classes is on learning survival skills appropriate to the age and ability level of each class. Simple elementary survival skills are introduced and practiced:

  • treading water,
  • floating with and without aids,
  • learning sculling action using arms,
  • rotation from back to front,
  • jump in and return swim to wall,
  • learning how to be rescued and to perform a rescue,
  • safe entries and exits.
  • general safe behavior in and around water is emphasized.


Play It Safe

An annual Victorian event is held in conjunction with the Victorian Governments “Play it safe by the water” week. This event is usually held in early December and is an eagerly anticipated event for our swimmers.

Our pool is transformed to represent different aquatic environments:

  • Beach
  • River
  • Pool
  • Boating

Children are encouraged to learn and explore through fun activities to gain an understanding of general water safety in other aquatic environments.

This event is designed to educate the whole family, not just the children, and we encourage parent participation during this week.