School Aged Programs

Children in this age group have varied levels of experience, confidence and abilities. Our structured program caters for the beginner as well as the experienced swimmer.

Our teachers have an excellent understanding of when and how to introduce the basics of stroke development and the progressions required to achieve advanced skill techniques.

Teachers are in the water with students at all times to allow for continual and effective stroke correction. We have a maximum of 5 children per class in our school age lessons. Classes are age and ability based.

It is standard practice at our swim school for children to remain in the same class with the same teacher as they progress through our school-age program. Students will continually be encouraged and challenged to learn and master more complex skills whilst progressing at their own pace.

All classes include water safety and survival skills relevant and appropriate to the age and ability of the individual child.

For the beginner, the elementary survival stroke of dog paddle is taught first as it is an independent stroke that can be mastered quickly prior to achieving breath control and submersion.

When children are developmentally and aquatically ready the basic stroke techniques for Freestyle and Backstroke are introduced.

Once students have mastered the basic mechanics of Freestyle and Backstroke, the focus is on improving stroke technique and efficiency.

Breast-stroke and Dolphin Kick are then introduced.

As skills develop further, the lessons become more advanced and the focus is on building and improving sound stroke technique and increasing stamina.

The more complex strokes of Butterfly, Life-Saving Backstroke and Sidestroke are then introduced. Emphasis is placed on providing a sound knowledge of safety, personal survival skills and endurance.

Children are then promoted to our Pre-squad classes when they can perform the basic 3 strokes (Freestyle, Back-stroke and Breast-stroke) efficiently and effectively.