Pre-Squad Swimming Lessons

Our Pre-Squad classes run Tuesday and Thursday evenings and are only available to children who have progressed through our program.


Junior Pre-Squad

The focus of the Junior Pre- squad class is on streamlining, improvement of stroke technique and stamina building. Butterfly is also introduced at this level.

The teacher is in the water at all times to further assist with stroke correction and to refine technique. All pre-squad classes include water safety, survival & rescue skills.

Once all 4 strokes have been mastered efficiently and effectively, students are promoted to Senior Pre-Squad.


Senior Pre-Squad

In Senior Pre-Squad, stroke technique is further developed, refined and reinforced to a high standard. The environment is non-competitive.

A sound knowledge and understanding of safety and survival skills is continually reinforced including the more complex skills of head and feet first Sculling, Survival Backstroke and Side-stroke.  Rescue skills are taken to the next level.

Pupils then graduate to a swimming club if they desire to continue swimming at a higher level.