Fees & Payments for Swimming Lessons

  • Classes are booked on a Term basis.
  • Term Fees are due and payable at your first class (Week 1).
  • Fees may be paid by Cash, Credit Card, Eftpos or Internet banking.
  • We offer a Part Payment Option: 50% payable at Week 1 and the Balance payable at Week 5.
    Part payment option is not available when terms are less than 8 weeks duration.
  • Once a class has been offered and accepted, a non-refundable deposit of $20 per child is required to secure your booking.


School Holidays & Public Holidays

  • We close for the School Holiday breaks and over the Christmas/New Year period.
  • There are no classes on Public Holidays.


Mid Term Starts

It is possible to commence classes mid-term providing we have a suitable vacancy. Call the office to see if there is a vacancy available for your child.

Makeup Swimming Classes

Our aim is to create a learning environment which will give your child maximum opportunities to gain aquatic skills. To fully master these skills, continuity is important.

We understand there are many and varied reasons for missing a lesson (ie illness, family holiday, appointments) and unlike many other term-based activities, we offer you the opportunity to make up the lesson missed providing you meet our cancellation guidelines.

What is a make-up Swimming lesson?

A make-up lesson is a substitute class for a lesson you were unable to attend. These lessons are at a different time and day from your regular class and possibly with a different teacher.

How does the make-up system work?

Notify us by midday on the day of your lesson to cancel your regular class and you qualify for a make-up. Saturday morning classes must be canceled at least 1 hour prior to lesson time. A simple notification by phone, text message or email is all that is required. Remember the earlier you notify us, the better the system works!

Others may then book a make-up lesson in your place. You may then book a make-up lesson in someone else’s place on another day/time.
If you know you are going on a holiday, we can easily record your cancellation in advance.

How do you book a ‘Make up’ class?

Simply ask our Customer Service Team during class times or contact the office by phone or email on the day you would like to attend a make-up class and we will check for cancellations. If a suitable option is available, we will book you in.


  • Makeup places may only be available where cancellations have been received so it is important to notify us promptly when you are aware your child will be unable to attend their regular class.
  • It is your responsibility to arrange your own makeup lessons. We do not contact you to arrange these classes.
  • If you do not cancel your lesson prior to midday, then you do not qualify for a make-up and your lesson is forfeited.
  • If you have booked a make-up lesson and are unable to attend, the make-up must be canceled by midday or the make-up lesson will also be forfeited.

Missed classes and makeup lessons are not deducted from the following term fees.

Baby & Toddler Swimming Classes – What to Bring?

  • Parent: All you need to bring are your Bathers and Towel.
  • Infant or Toddler:  All your Toddler needs is a Swim Nappy and Towel.

All infants & toddlers MUST wear an approved ‘Aqua Nappy’. Fabric Aqua Nappies or disposable Huggies Little Swimmer are acceptable providing they fit firmly around the legs and firmly around the waist to contain any possible accidents from contaminating pool water.

Babies may wear rash-tops or other bathers if desired providing an aqua nappy is worn underneath.

In cooler months, it is best to wrap baby in a towel to keep warm while parent dresses first. Otherwise, bring a robe or t-shirt to put on over bathers to keep warm whilst dressing baby. The air temperature in the pool area & change rooms is warm however the movement of air over wet bodies can feel cold.

Poncho style towels are very useful for keeping toddlers warm while parents dry themselves.

We stock a range of fabric Aqua Nappies and have Huggies Little Swimmers available for emergency situations.



Equipment available for sale

We have available almost everything you will need for your child’s swimming lesson.

We stock:

  • Boys & Girls chlorine-resistant swimwear
  • Goggles
  • Back-Bubbles
  • Kickboards
  • Aqua Nappies
  • Ear-Wraps