Baby & Toddler Programs

A very young infant can be introduced to the pleasure of water in the big bath at home until old enough to go to the pool. Babies who have been given the opportunity to become familiar with water at an early age have an advantage as babies accept water more readily than older children. Fear is learnt and acquired as children grow older.

Babies may start lessons with us from 3 months of age. This early water experience enhances physical and psychological development; and social skills are developed and enhanced by early interaction with other parents and babies*.

Our structured Baby & Toddler programs are a special time for babies and parents as they share an enjoyable experience together. Parents will be guided by our experienced infant teachers in the correct techniques and holds, so that babies quickly learn to love the water and master basic aquatic skills.

Classes focus on activities to assist in the acquisition of better gross motor development which is vital for good water skills. Our set Lesson Plans include age-appropriate water activities and games designed to achieve mobility, flexibility, balance, body awareness and confidence in the water.

Breath control and submersion is taught in a gentle and controlled way using verbal and physical cues and submersion only occurs when baby shows a learned response.

We keep our classes small with a maximum of 5 babies per class. Classes are grouped by age to within a 3 to 4-month age range so children are all at a similar stage of development. Small classes with experienced teachers provide the best personal learning environment for you and your baby.

Every baby is encouraged to learn at a relaxed, enjoyable rate and is rewarded with smiles, praise and hugs.

*Refer Griffith University study on the Value of Early Infant Aquatics