Teaching Team

The teacher’s role is most important and the way we conduct our classes will influence a child’s attitude to water forever.

Our dedicated, caring and highly qualified AUST-SWIM teachers will give your children the best opportunity to learn. Each child is gently nurtured and given every opportunity to develop aquatic skills at their own pace to reach their full potential.

All our teachers have the qualification ”Austswim Teacher of Swimming”. Infant & Preschool teachers have also completed specialist courses in these areas. Extensive in-house training is provided over and above the basic “Austswim” requirements before our teachers are allocated their own classes.

Regular participation in professional development courses and workshops provided by Swim Australia, ASSA, and the Learn to Swim industry ensures teaching skills are maintained and kept up to date with the latest Australian and International teaching practices.

Our teachers will:

  • Provide the opportunity to learn skills, build confidence and be successful
  • Ensure each lesson is a positive enjoyable experience
  • Nurture the physical and emotional development
  • Ensure children are challenged but not pushed beyond their capability.
  • Know how to recognize the signs of anxiety or stress and be alert to any nervousness or insecurity and know how to deal with these emotions.
  • Continually inform and guide parents.

Swimming should be a happy experience for every child. There should be no trauma associated with any swimming program, especially with infants.